Sacra Flameno unveils Emblem of the Collegio

The new Collegio Emblem is found in a German Concise Dictionary of Greek and Roman Mythology written in 1894.

Di benedicaris vos.

The Sacra Flameno has approved the emblem of the Collegio Sacerdae following the logo created in Quintilo MMXI (July 2011). The image is accredited to Müller–Wieseler in the Ausführliches Lexikon der griechischen und römischen Mythologie by Wilhelm Heinrich Roscher.

The simplistic emblem depicts Sandus’ culturally-accepted patroness Athena and emphasises the Sandum Mos Maiorum’s values of culturspietas, and religio. The emblem may be expanded to include text, most likely to say “Athena – Collegio Sacerdae – Sandus”.

This emblem takes precedence over the official logo of the Collegio Sacerdae, which has been seldom used, due to its simplicity and all-round application in Pagan Sandus. Following the tradition set forth by the Citizens’ Communist Party, the Collegio will respect its status as a cooperative within the State of Sandus by creating a system of an article-opening image. Just as the Voice of Sandus opens with the State and Party flags, Sacerdotium shall open with the State Flag and the Emblem of the Collegio.

The seldom-used logo of the Collegio Sacerdae.

Sacra Flameno


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