Articles for the Saturnalia Special

Di benedicaris vos.

Good evening, Collegio Sacerdae flamenae and Sandum citizens.

It is our hope, in celebrating the Saturnalia, that we may publish articles on subjects that interest our members. As this Collegio is interested in history, philosophy, and religion, it is important that we pursue our research in these fields for the benefit of the Collegio, of the State of Sandus, and of the micronational movement. Below are the flamenae of the Collegio Sacerdae and their research topics for this holiday’s planned articles:

Gaius Sörgel – Pragmatic Construction & the New Romes: the Building of Micronational Capitals
Jacob Tierney – Camus’ Absurd and the Sisyphean Conundrum
Adam I – Early Nordic Monarchy: Analogous to Micronational Absolutism
Lucas Mello – Mythology and Beowulf

These articles shall be released on XXIII Decembro (23 December), the last day of Saturnalia and on the Larentalia. We look forward to all of these wonderful and thoughtful topics for the Winter Holidays!

Sacra Flameno


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