Prayer for Athena to mark the Minervalia

Happy Minervalia and the beginning of the Quinquatria!

The Minervalia is the most important day of the broader Quinquatria that celebrates the birth of Athena, the patroness of Sandus! Remember to give thanks to Athena, patroness of the arts and protector of cities and nations!

To learn more about Athena and Her worship, visit The Shrine of the Goddess Athena.

Prayers for Athena to mark the Minervalia and the Quinquatria:

“I celebrate the powers of Pallas Athena, the protectress of the city:
Dread, as Ares, She busies herself with the works of war,
With the sack of cities, with the battle-cry and with the combats.
It is She also who saves the fighters that go to war and come back alive.
Hail, Goddess, give us good fortune and happiness!”
– Homeric Hymn #11 to Athena

“I begin to sing of Pallas Athena, the glorious Goddess, bright-eyed,
inventive, unbending of heart,
pure virgin, saviour of cities,
courageous, Tritogeneia. Wise Zeus himself bare her
from his awful head, arrayed in warlike arms
of flashing gold, and awe seized all the gods as they gazed.
But Athena sprang quickly from the immortal head
and stood before Zeus who holds the aegis,
shaking a sharp spear: great Olympus began to reel horribly
at the might of the bright-eyed Goddess,
and earth round about cried fearfully,
and the sea was moved and tossed with dark waves,
while foam burst forth suddenly:
the bright Son of Hyperion stopped his swift-footed horses a long while, until the maiden Pallas Athena had stripped the heavenly armour from her immortal shoulders.
And wise Zeus was glad.

And so hail to you, daughter of Zeus who holds the aegis!
Now I will remember you and another song as well.”
– Homeric Hymn #28 to Athena

“Only-begotten, noble race of Jove,
Blessed and fierce, who joyest in caves to rove:
O, warlike Pallas, whose illustrious kind,
Ineffable and effable we find:
Magnanimous and famed, the rocky height,
And groves, and shady mountains thee delight:
In arms rejoicing, who with Furies dire
And wild, the souls of mortals dost inspire.
Gymnastic virgin of terrific mind,
Dire Gorgon’s bane, unmarried, blessed, kind:
Mother of arts, impetuous; understood,
Rage to the wicked, wisdom to the good:
Female and male, the arts of war are thine,
Fanatic, much-formed dragoness, divine:
Over the Phlegrean giants, roused to ire,
Thy coursers driving, with destruction dire.
Sprung from the head of Jove, of splendid mien,
Purger of evils, all-victorious queen.
Hear me, O Goddess, when to thee I pray,
With supplicating voice both night and day,
And in my latest hour, give peace and health,
Propitious times, and necessary wealth,
And, ever present, be thy votaries aid,
O, much implored, art’s parent, blue-eyed maid.”
– Orphic Hymn to Athena

Sacra Flameno


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