Standardisation of Collegia Rites

Di benedicaris vos. 

The Sôgmô, acting in his capacity as Sacra Flameno of the Collegio Sacerdae, has received a template for the standardisation of the Collegio Sacerdae’s rites. This template is derived from present scholarly knowledge on the traditional formula for religious rites under the Roman Empire. This template provides for an introduction to the rite, a blessing of the altar and of the members preparing to conduct the rite, the invocation of various preceding gods and the invocation of the intended gods, the prayer, the offering, the atonement, and the confirmation of the rite. The holidays which have a tradition of rites dedicated to them are: the Regifugia, Minervalia and Qunquatria, Lemuria, Neptunalia and the Lucaria, the Armilustrium, and Athena’s Day. One addition to the Roman formula, however, is the addition of an invocation of the Muses, a Hellenic practice.

The first “standardised” ritual to be performed shall be the rite to Athena on Athena’s Day, to be held this Gregorian Friday 29 November or Sancta XXIX E Novembro.

The standardisation of rites, as well, shall include the standardisation of languages used. Under the current rituals established for each holiday, several different languages are used — from Latin and English, to English and Sancta. After the standardisation of rituals, the three official languages shall be used for all rites: Sancta, English, and then French, in that order. Sancta has precedence as it is the cultural language of Sandus; English because it is most spoken in Sandus; and, French because it is Sandus’s final official language.

Finally, the standardisation of the rites shall also result in presenting offerings and libations of substances not involving blood or alcohol. This means that libation substances shall likely be water, milk, or juices. Furthermore, there shall be an introduction of grains and other offerings for the purpose of the ritual, especially such items as flowers, lights, and other ornaments and valuables. The Collegio Sacerdae is not bound by the tradition of not taking blessed or offered substances out of the precinct where the rites are conducted, as those areas are mere altars and shrines. However, in the future, should the Collegio Sacerdae establish such a consecrated ground, it shall be interdicted from taking offered substances off the grounds except on the day before the Lucaria — when consecrated land is consecrated annually.

In summary, the three new standardisations are: standard formula for rites, all rites done in the three official languages, and introduction of non-alcoholic and non-gore offerings.

Sacra Flameno

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