Hymn: Gratias Deae – “Thanks, Gods”

Di benedicaris vos.

The Sacra Flameno of the Collegio Sacerdae, Sôgmô Gaius Sörgel Publicola, has published the following hymn written in Sancta, the cultural official language of the State of Sandus. «Gratias Deae», Sancta for “Thanks, Gods”, is a hymn sung to a simple, harmonious tune and is released in celebration of the Halcyon Days, also known as the Brumalia — a winter holiday held here in the latter half of the month of Decembro (December). The Brumalia includes other important Collegio Sacerdae holidays, including the Consualia and Opalia, the Saturnalia, the Solstice, and the Dies Natalis Solis Invicti. 

The hymn predates the Leitourgía cultural project of the Office of the Sôgmô. «Gratias Deae» was originally begun in late Quintilo (July), yet consisted only of the first two lines from then until late this evening, when the Sacra Flameno set to work to complete. The Sacra Flameno shall work on a video of the tune in the next Sancta week.

The hymn can be found here.

Gratias Deae pro Vae farae – et car Vi estis magnae !
En cette mondo du souffranço, Vi estis ea luminae !
Dodekatheae Olympia : Vi estis ea custodiae !
Zeus – Magna de Olympos – Voirete sur Va Populo!
Hera, Regina du Cielo, Illuminete ea routae !
Poseidon Magna du Mero, Pacificuti Merae !
Demeter – Matro de fermae – Donnuti Va armouro !
Athena – Matro d’ea Payo – Defenduti ea Etato !
Apollo, ea Illumino, Apprenduti magnae artae !
Artemis, Chasseuro en Nuito, Pura Virgo de Boiso !
Ares Promachos de Hommae : Conduti eo ad Fronto !
Aphrodite, Femmo Ciela, Inspiruti amouro !
Hephaestos – Hommo de Farae – Animuti ea travaillo !
Hermes – Vita Voyeageuro – Demontuti Vae artae !
Hestia, Esprito d’ea foco, Venun et Illuminun !
Dionysos, Jocunda Ebrio, Fueraeti enjoyeana !
Hades – Fonça mais agreabla – Voiruti sur ea mortae !
Persephone – Matro en bas – Amenun ad eo l’eto !
Herakles, le Repentanto, Repentomun par farae !
Asklepios, Sancta Medico, Protectuti ea santo !
Eros, Amoura Afflicto, Guiduti ad amouro !
Hebe, Jeuna Echansono, Aidun le Deae cielae !
Pan, Sauvageo de Naturo, Protectun eotae lucae !
Kharitae, Onti qui sunt graça etonno, Charmuti !
Horae, Soeurae-Gardiennae d’Olympos, Garduti Sanctae !
Moirae, Onti qui habei vivae, Fueratis gentilae !
Mousae, Onti qui farete vivae sympa, Jouete !
Nike, Onta qui donnan eo gloiro en vivo, Donnus !
Nyx qui faran dormi, Lanço Vae ombrae sur le mondo !
Hekate de Nuito et de Magio, Sauvus Vae genae !
Harmonia, avec Vi, eo fino ce priero : Donnus paxo !

Thanks, Gods, for your work – and for You are great!
In this world of suffering, You are my light!
Twelve Gods of Olympus: You are my safe-keepers!
Jupiter – Greatest of Olympus – Look over Your People!
Juno, Queen of Heaven, Illumine my paths!
Neptune, Greatest of the Sea, pacify Seas!
Ceres – Mother of farms – Give Your love!
Minerva – Mother of my Country – Defend my State!
Apollo, my Light, Teach us great arts!
Diana, Huntress in Night, Pure Virgin of Woods!
Mars the Fore-bearer of Men: Lead me to the Front!
Venus, Heavenly Woman, Inspire love!
Vulcan – Man of Works – Animate my work!
Mercury – Quick Traveller – Show Your arts!
Vesta, Spirit of my hearth, Come and Illuminate!
Bacchus, Cheerful Drunk, Be joyful!
Pluto – Dark but agreeable – See over my deceased!
Persephone – Mother on low – Bring to me Summer!
Hercules, the Repentant One, May we repent by works!
Asclepius, Sacred Healer, Protect my health!
Cupid, Love-Afflicted, Guide to love!
Juventas, Young Cup-Bearer, Aid the heavenly Gods!
Pan, Nature’s Savage, Protect our groves!
Graces, Those who are gracefully brilliant, Charm!
 Sister-Wardens of Olympus, Guard the Sacred Ones!
Fates, Those who have life, Be kind!
Muses, Those who make life nice, Play on!
Victory, She who gives me glory in life, Give on!
Night who makes me sleep, Cast Your shadows over the world!
Hecate of Night and of Magic, Save Your people!
Harmony, with You, I finish this prayer: Give peace!

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