New Names for the Di Consentes & Olympians

Di benedicaris vos.

It is the current cultural objective for the Collegio to rename the gods represented in religious functions in Sandus with new Sancta names. These include the Di Consentes and the Olympians worshipped in Sandus. Therefore, in pursuit of cultural independence and the Sandum identity, these are the new names the Di Consentes and the Olympians in Sancta, respectively:

Jupiter – Zeus – Ius
Juno – Hera – Iura
Neptune – Poseidon – Neipton
Minerva – Athena – Atherua
Mars – Ares – Mers
Venus – Aphrodite – Aronina
Apollo – Apollo – Apollo
Diana – Artemis – Diamis
Vulcan – Hephaestos – Helcaen
Vesta – Hestia – Hesta
Mercury – Hermes – Mermes
Ceres – Demeter – Çeretes

Iûs (Ee-yoos)
Iurà (Ee-oo-rah)
Neiptôn (Ney-pt-on)
Atherŵa (Ath-air-wa)
Mérs (Meh-rs)
Arôninê (Ar-ohn-in-eh)
Apollo (no change)
Diamís (Diya-mis)
Hélcæn (Hell-cayn)
Hêstà (Hest-ah)
Mermês (Mer-mehs)
Çerétês (Sir-eh-tehs)

Other new names will be included in the future and appropriate changes will be made to the myths where these gods hail from.


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