Collegio to be Granted New By-Law

Di benedicaris vos.

The Collegio Sacerdae is to be granted a new by-law by the Office of the Sôgmô and the office of the Sacra Flameno, the leader of the Collegio and the Sôgmô’s position in situ as head of the Collegio Sacerdae. This will be the first time a by-law has been authorised for any cooperative in the State of Sandus’s cooperative system. For three years, the Collegio Sacerdae has not existed as an internal organisation – all activity has been done by the Sôgmô and Sacra Flameno Gaius Sörgel Publicola and thus, to reinvigorate the Collegio, new areas of focus must be added. The by-law will provide certain areas of interest and ask for the involvement of more flamenae in certain realms of interest falling under the umbrella of the Collegio. Pursuant to the Royal Order for the Establishment of the Collegio Sacerdae as a Cooperative, specific independent bodies shall be formed inside the Collegio focused on certain areas of expertise. In the future, these independent bodies will house certain flamenae and shall discussions and conversations focused on these areas. Derived from constitutional focuses specified in the Royal Order and that have been added since, these independent bodies shall likely include those focused on:

  • Religion & Religious Expression (Article 5)
  • Ancient & Modern Pagan Studies (Article 6)
  • Indigenous Peoples’ Culture (Article 6)
  • Philosophy in Sandus and in General (Article 6)
  • Intersection between the Collegio and Kremlum Sandus State College (new by-law)
  • Sandum & Micronational Studies (new by-law)
  • Sancta Culture (new by-law)

In addition to independent bodies, the Collegio Sacerdae shall also provide an annotated list of holidays that the Collegio shall celebrate, based on past celebrations of those holidays. The new by-law shall also establish the names of various gods used in Sandus, and will overturn recent work to provide independent names to those gods. Instead, the Collegio Sacerdae shall set forth in law a new procedure for how it will call the gods used in rites performed by the Collegio and publications in Sandus. The Collegio Sacerdae shall also clarify the predominant Sandum view of these gods worshipped as a part of the Collegio’s business for three years, allowing for personal interpretations and creeds within Sandus. Finally, the by-law shall also establish the Collegio’s role in terms of Sancta culture, shall grant it the power to clarify what Sancta is and means, and shall grant it the power to act as the regulatory and overseeing body for the State of Sandus’s leitourgía program.

Sacra Flameno


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