Happy Solstice, from the Collegio!

May blessings of Litha shine upon you this day.

May the hours of light on the longest day carry you forward on your journey inward – illuminating the way, lighting your heart. The days will begin to grow shorter now, bit by bit – and the nights longer. Carry the heat and brightness of these days close to you so that even when the days are dark and the nights darker, you have the memory of this time of brightness and warmth to carry you through.

Drum, dance, celebrate!
For now is the time of fire!
Action, passion, movement!

Enter into the presence of the Gods and Goddesses – Fae and Sprites – Spirits and Creatures!
Become part of nature’s dance!

Hail Litha! Hail Solstice!

Flameno Moonrise Azalee


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