Sacer Flamen publishes new Latin poem for Lammas

Gaius Sörgel Publicola, the Sacer Flamen of the Collegium Sacerdotum and Sôgmô of the State of Sandus, has published a new poem for the occasion of Lammas, a Celtic and Wiccan holiday celebrated in Sandus since 2014. The holiday celebrates the beginning of the harvest and, in Sandus, it also celebrates the toil and work that goes into the harvest.

The poem is the first poem he has written in Latin, a difficult undertaking for any modern Latin speaker. It was written in dactylic hexameter.

The poem discusses the nearly ending Summer and the cosmological and religious work it takes to begin the harvest. The poem concludes with a sentiment of gratitude and thanksgiving, as well as an offering to restore the numen of the gods after their “divine imperium” has been spent on growing the crops.

The text of the poem is below:

Implear tanta fames, duraret – ah – perpetua aetas.
Messes est hodie, quae nunc celebrabimus. Tellus
egit Ceresque fecit humo munus hominique
tradent. Dei atque dandi muneris nobis.

A great hunger would fill me, if summer were to – ah – last forever.
Harvests are today, which now we will celebrate. Tellus
did [her job] and Ceres made the gift from the land and they gave a gift
to man. And so we must give to the Gods a gift.

The poem was signed “ded. C. Sörgel Lúnasa,” meaning “dedicated by Gaius Sörgel for Lammas.”


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