Collegium to add Tibetan, Christian holidays

The Collegium Sacerdotium, under the direction of the Sôgmô Gaius Soergel Publicola as Sacer Flamen, will place the annual and monthly cultural holidays of Tibetan Buddhism onto the calendar of the Collegium for the next Sancta year, such as the Guru Rinpoche and Tara days. Several Christian holidays will also be added to the calendar. In addition, efforts will be made to compare the Sancta calendar’s cultural holidays with extant calendars from the Roman period to ensure the accuracy of the Collegium’s calendar.

This is the first large-scale addition to the Sancta calendar since February 2012.

The Tibetan lunar calendar has several days which are monthly held to be significant and auspicious. Of these, Amitabha, Guru Rinpoche, and Tara Days are monthly Tibetan Buddhist holy days held on certain days each month in the Tibetan lunar calendar, in a manner similar to the College’s already established Kalends, Nones, and Ides. On the 8th day, Tara and Medicine Buddha Days are celebrated; on the 10th, Guru Rinpoche and Daka Days; on the 15th, Buddha Amitabha Days; on the 25th, Dakhini’s Days; on the 29th, Dharmapala’s Days; and on the 30th, Buddha Shakyamuni’s Days. All of these holidays will be added to the Collegium’s calendar.

In addition, the Sacer Flamen has directed five new Christian holidays to be added to the Sancta cultural calendar. These are: Lent, Holy Week, the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Pioneer Day, and the feast day of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha. Lent, the penitential season preparing for Easter, will be celebrated in the College with Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras) and Ash Wednesday; the Holy Week preceding Easter, which is already on the calendar, will culminate the Lenten season.

In addition, the three other Christian holidays have been chosen to reflect Sandus’s diverse cultural background. The Assumption of the Virgin Mary will be celebrated in reflection of Sandus’s history as a micronation founded in Maryland, a former English proprietary colony established as a haven for English Catholics. Pioneer Day, a holiday celebrating the arrival of the first Mormon settlers to Utah, is to be commemorated in recognition of Sandus’s relationship with Überstadt, whose king is Mormon, and of the minority of Sandum citizens from there who are Mormon. Finally, the feast day of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha — the first Native American to be beatified and recognised as a saint by the Catholic church — will be celebrated in Sandus in accordance with Church tradition in the United States of America; in other words, Sandus will celebrate her feast day on 14 July, not on 17 April as in Canada.

Finally, the Sacer Flamen has also announced an effort to ensure the academic and calendrical accuracy of the Collegium’s records for Roman holidays. Sancta holidays which are Roman-inspired will be compared to extant fasti and other literary evidence and will be moved to match the records if in error and inconsistent with the calendars.

These eleven new Sancta holidays increase the Collegium’s total cultural holidays to 138.

In Veritate Doctrina Trium Gemmarum et Benedictionibus Totorum Deorum

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