Sacer Flamen gives the Sancta Oration — in Latin

The Sôgmô Gaius Soergel Publicola, Sacer Flamen of the Collegium Sacerdotium, has given the Sancta Oration for the Regifugia MMXV (2016), completing the annual tradition of the Sandum people. The Sancta Oration was so named since it was previously the only formal speech given in the constructed language of Sancta, on the occasion of the Regifugia. The speech this year was given in the Latin, following the State of Sandus’s decision to remove the Sancta language as the third official language of Sandus, the so-called “cultural language,” and to restore it with Latin.

The Regifugia is a Sancta cultural holiday derived from the Roman festival of the Regifugium. Though the two holidays hardly overlap, either in purpose or in date, the name has been used to refer to the fleeing of the old Sancta year in a view similar to modern Anglophone views about “Father Time” and “Baby New Year.” The Regifugia commemorates the Sancta New Year with another festival, the Matronalia, which commemorates Juno Lucina — Juno of the Light — who is the matron of mothers, child-birth, and child-rearing. In a pop cultural sense, she is the one who gives birth to the Sancta “Baby New Year.”

Read the Sancta Speech in Latin, English, and French, here: Sancta Speech 2016



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