Buddhist Holy Days added to Calendar

The Sacer Flamen, Sôgmô Gaius Soergel Publicola, has added the monthly Tibetan Buddhist holy days to the calendar of the Collegium Sacerdotum. The addition means that, to a certain extent, a fourth calendar will be exercised in the State structure of the State of Sandus, in addition to the Gregorian, Sancta, and Administrative calendars. The holy days are numbered by the day following the New Moon. So, as the Full Moon for Ianuarius MMXVI (January 2017) falls on XXVII Ianuarii (27 January), then XXVIII Ianuarii (28 January) will begin the last month in the Tibetan calendar. This practice is the opposite of the Administrative Calendar’s reckoning, since the Administrative Calendar begins instead on the Full Moon.

The holy days are:

  • 8th: Medicine Buddha Day, dedicated to Sangye Menla
  • 10thGuru Rinpoche Day, dedicated to Padmasambhava who introduced Buddhism to Tibet
  • 15th: Amitabha Day (Full Moon), dedicated to the Buddha of longevity and awareness of the emptiness of phenomena
  • 25th: Dakini’s Day, dedicated to the feminine spirits of the Dharma
  • 29th: Dharmapalas Day, dedicated to the protectors of the Dharma
  • 30th: Buddha Shakyamuni Day (New Moon), dedicated to Siddhartha Guatama

In addition to these holy days, the Collegium already celebrates the four major Tibetan Buddhist holidays of Lösar, Saga Dawa Düchen, Chökhor Düchen, and Lhabab Düchen. In amending the Tibetan Buddhist calendar practised by the Collegium Sacerdotum, það has added a fifth Tibetan Buddhist holiday to the calendar which has been so far neglected: Chotrul Düchen, or the Festival of Miracles, held on the fifteenth day of the New Tibetan Year. Lösar, or Tibetan New Year, will be held on XXVII Februarii MMXVI (27 February 2017) this year. Chotrul Düchen then will be held on XII Martii (12 March).

This year, ahead of the New Tibetan Year, the Sacer Flamen will release the projected calendar of Buddhist holidays, including all Tibetan Buddhist monthly holy days.


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