Sacerdotium is the newspaper and journal of the Collegium Sacerdotum, under the jurisdiction and authority of the Central People’s Government of the Office of the Sôgmô of the State of Sandus as a cooperative. This newspaper is managed under the authority of the Office of the Sacer Flamen, a position held by the Sôgmô.

The Collegium Sacerdotum is the oldest cooperative in the State of Sandus. It was formed on XXVIII Maii MMXI (28 May 2011) as the Collegio Sacerdae, the former name for the Collegium. Its name means “Priests’ College” and is a reference to the colleges of ancient Roman priests. The Collegium is tasked with cultural expansion; education in terms of religion, philosophy, and history; and practice of religious rites and festivals within the State of Sandus. The cooperative has pioneered cultural developments and provided a ground for religious and philosophical expression in the State of Sandus.
Sacerdotium is Latin for an office of priests or a priesthood and is the name of the College’s journal.

Sodalitates (Sodalities):

Flamines (Priests):

  • Sacer Flamen Gaius Soergel Publicola, the Honourable Sôgmô of the State of Sandus
  • Flamen Adam Camillus von Friedeck
  • Flamen Sisenna Melville, Bishop of the Sandum Ecclesia

You can view the royal charter for the Collegium Sacerdotum here and the Iunii MMXIV (June 2014) by-law here. The name of the College was changed to its current Latin name in the Fifth Session of the Council in the administrative year 2015 (3 May — 2 June 2015), after the Sancta constructed language was replaced by Latin as the third and cultural official language of Sandus in March 2015.


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